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Some Bike Pics from our customers:

Steve B. built this beauty.  Venom bike kit.

Steve B built this Venom at home.

Steve B.'s venom build.  Ride in good health!


Modified Sportster pics

Here's a few photos of some of the kits, built:

wolf daddy

Wolf Daddy Kit

Fat Bastard Fat Bastard Kit Ultima Engine"the boss"
Ultima's big bore, versus stock piston Ultima's Big Bore, versus stock piston.

My bike is here!  Now help me unpack! ......

Custom Chrome's Goliath kit, just delivered, carton just opened.

Kevin was thrilled!

RevTech engine, just delivered

RevTech 100" just delivered.

Our Customer's Motorcycles:

maltese mama






This is Earl's "Maltese Mama" at the Easy Rider show in Portland. - Hey Earl, you need more maltese crosses on that machine!

Dwight put this sweet ride together piece by piece, and it's finally completed. He started it right with the Powerhouse 114 cubic inch engine! If you've been here before you saw it being assembled. Here's the "Little Yellow Witch", as he calls it:Little Yellow Witch - Dwight's fine ride xxx

xxxxxx training wheels?

Sweet babes on a sweet ride.

Rev Tech Engine in custom


Rev Tech Engine in custom

Custom Bike with RevTech engine.

How you gonna keep em down on the farm once they've rode one of these?







Mark's ride, before upgrades. Newer photos soon.

motorcycle , brown and black, makes you want to come on back
Nice sign.  The bikes ok, too! Larry built this beauty.  Brand new Harley Davidson engine!

Here's B.J.'s bike:

Nice shade of blue, isn't it?



nice rear end you got there

Mike and Kelly are some really great people with real nice rides.

Mike's Bike

Black is always in fashion.  Looks comfy, don't it?
 Did I get any drool on it, Kelly?
Stretched, lowered, fat tire added. 180 next to stock tire. Old tire vs. new

In the shop:

Bikes in our shop.

Bikes in shop.

Greg fixing things.

Only Greg would wear white in a bike shop!

Have tourch and welder, will travel.

Dodger, chopping up something, as usual.

Greg, Gator, and Harley, and their rides.

Greg, Gator, & Harley  and their bikes

nice paint job

Close-up of the paint job on Greg's bike.

Jesse's bike, built from a crate of parts.

Jesse built this out of crate of parts. His wife did the paint job.

Jesse's purple bike.

Chris' modified Sportster

Chris' modified sporty.


modified sportster.

AK Sportster A AK sportster B

This is an Alaskan Sportster... talk about hardcore riders!

Motorcycle in DenmarkThis motorcycle belongs to Peter Q. of Denmark.
This motorcycle photo was sent to us from Holland from Huub666.

nice paint job

This magnificent motorcycle resides in Holland.

Nice flames!

no bull!

No, we didn't build this. We saw it at a show, and just had to share!

More pics of other bikes soon!

If you have built, customized, repaired, or otherwise added to the value of your bike with parts purchased through us, why don't you send us a photo of your ride, and any information about it that you would like us to post.


 Some Photos we want to share:

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