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 S&S Motorcycle Carburetors 

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S&S Super E and Super G Carburetor kits.



Notes:  Stock motorcycles 1980 or earlier must be updated to a two cable pull open/pull closed throttle control system. A single cable pull open system cannot pull the throttle closed in case the throttle should accidentally stick in the open position.
S&S "Shorty" carburetors will not fit Harley-Davidson™ Sportster Ironhead models with vertical magnetos due to clearance problems between the magneto and the carburetor.
Shovelhead engines with five gallon tanks and cylinders that are taller than stock require a special notched air cleaner cover to clear the gas tank. These taller engines also require a special length manifold.
S&S does not recommend polishing or chrome plating Super E & G carburetor.s
Recommended for racing only - S&S Super E & G carburetors shown are not legal for use on motor vehicles operated on public highways in the state of California, or in other states where similar pollution laws may apply. The user shall determine the suitability of the product for his or her use and shall assume all risk and liability in connection therewith.


As a general rule, we recommend a Super E carb for engines up to about 100 cubic inches in displacement. The Super E's smaller 1 7/8" (47.6mm) bore size creates higher air velocity, which results in better low and midrange response and power. Due to the Super G's larger 2 1/16" (52.3mm) bore size, it is recommended for engines of no less than 90 cubic inch displacement. For the vast majority of engines in the 90-100 cubic displacement range, we strongly recommend the Super E because of the improved low and midrange response. However, if maximum peak horsepower is the most important consideration, a Super G carb would be appropriate.

The S&S "Shorty" carbs are easy to tune due to the simple and functional design. The Super E & G's are butterfly style carbs and have only two fuel circuits, not counting the starting system to accelerator pump. In addition, idle mixture, idle speed, and accelerator pump adjustments are easily accessible when the carburetor is installed on a motorcycle. The adjustable accelerator pump eliminates off idle hesitation and can be adjusted to provide the correct amount of fuel for a wide variety of engine displacements and styles. The accelerator pump is also very useful as a starting aid. To keep the carburetor bore unobstructed, the S&S "Shorty" carbs do not use a traditional choke plate for starting enrichment. Instead, a separate adjustable enrichment circuit is used for cold starts, which is also useful as an adjustable fast idle for cold engines.

In addition to the larger bore size, another reason the "Shorty" carbs are capable of making more power is the design of the air cleaner. The most important factors are that the large surface area and the composition of the filter element present minimal restriction to the flow of air, and almost as important is the elimination of turbulence at the inlet of the carburetor. The filter area of the "Shorty" carbs is maximized by an ingenious backplate design that wraps slightly around the carb to allow room for a wider filter element than a straight backplate would allow. The pleated S&S filter element looks like paper, but is actually a special resin impregnated cellulose fiber media that provides excellent filteration as well as superior flow. The shape of the S&S air cleaner backplate and the directional cone inside the air cleaner cover also provides a smooth path for air to follow while traveling into the carburetor inlet. This results in less turbulence and greater air flow.

Installation is easy because carbs are sold in complete kits that contain everything needed to install the carb on the specified model motorcycle. All kits include manifolds for engines with stock length cylinders and a comprehensive, step by step installation booklet and tuning guide that takes the "rocket science" out of installation and tuning.

Big Twin:
Application: Part #:


Buy Now
1955/1965 M82002* $569.93
1966/1978 M82003 $569.93
1979/1984 M82004 $569.93
1984/1992 M82005 $569.93
1993/1999 M82006 $569.93
1999/2005 M82007 $569.93
2006 M82008 $569.93
Carb only, all years M82026 $348.85
1957/1978 M82009** $569.93
1979/1985 M82012** $569.93
1986/1990 M82013 $569.93
1991/2003 M82014 $569.93
2004/2006 M82015 $569.93
Carb only, all years M82026 $348.85
Big Twin:
1966/1978 M82016 $589.93
1979/1984 M82017 $589.93
1984/1992 M82018 $589.93
1993/1999 M82019 $589.93
1999/2005 M82020 $589.93
2006 M82021 $589.93
Carb only, all years M82027 $368.85
1957/1978 M82022** $589.93
1979/1985 M82023** $525.99
1986/1990 M82024 $589.93
1991/2003 M82025 $589.93
Carb only, all years M82027 $368.85

* Outside oil lines that feed heads on Knuclkhead and 1963/1965 Panhead engines must be fabricated or use a 1" spacer block for additional clearance.

**Does not fit engines equipped with vertical magneto.

fuel circuit kit for S&S carburetors, Bendix/ Zenith  carbs, and Keihin carbs. Thunder Jet.

The Thunder Jet is a patented fuel circuit which allows precise tuning of your mid range and top end. These are a proven problem solver for a lean mid range on many carburetors and also feeds gas starved strokers on top end. They are complete with installation instructions. Includes 3 jets for fine tuning and the installed jet can be easily accessed under a simple thumb screw. Requires machine work for installation. Made in the U.S.A.

Fits S&S Super B, D, E and G carburetors, Bendix/Zenith & Keihin carburetors (except CV). Made in the U.S.A.

Red Anodized Thunder Jet Part #: M82082 ... $62.02

Blue Anodized Thunder Jet Part #: M82083 ... $62.02

Black Anodized Thunder Jet Part #: M82084 ... $62.02


S&S Super Series Carb Rebuild Kits


Everything needed to completely rebuild one carburetor
Kit includes a body rebuild kit, accelerator pump rebuild kit (Super E & G only), all new fasteners, springs, idle misture screw, seat and needle assembly.

Note: Forks type and wire type needle assemblies are NOT interchangeable. The correct kit must be ordered for your specific application.

Part #:M82600 - Fits S&S Super E Gas Carburetor ... $95.96

Part #: M82601 - S&S - Fits S&S Super G Gas Carburetor ... $95.94

Part #: M82602 - Fits S&S Super A, B Gas 1983 & earlier (forked type mechanism) ... $79.95

Part #: M82603 - Fits S&S Super A, B Gas 1983/Later (wire type mechanism) ... $78.04

The secret is in the mist!

Yost power tube fuel atomizer



Improve fuel economy.
Enhance throttle response.
Simple to install.
Precision machined for utmost quality.
Detailed instructions included.

We feel the Yost Power Tube is one of the best enhancement devices at any cost. With Yost's new design, you will be able to obtain 2 more horsepower than with the previous unit. By installing an atomizer in the main discharge tube, the fuel is converted from globules to a fine mist of liquid providing a cleaner and more profound fuel mixture burn.

Part #: M82627 Fits all S&S Super models B, E & G carburetors ... $62.83


 We also carry Mikuni Carburetors


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