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Gifts for Bikers and Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Finding the right gift for that special someone can be hard. We've created this page to help find great gifts for motorcycle owners (or those who wish they were). Whether it's for Christmas, a Birthday, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Graduation, or 'just because', they will thank you for getting something for their passion - motorcycles! We've tried to include items that the gift-giver can choose without knowing the make/model, year, or other fitment issues applying to many motorcycle parts and accessories. If you are looking for something specific, check out our search box on the site map page. Please note our parts are for Harley-Davidson and American Custom motorcycles.

Gift Certificates are great for any holiday or occasion!



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Gift Certificates:

Sometimes the best and most thoughtful gift is not a gift at all, but a chance for the gift recipient to pick and choose to their own taste, needs and judgment. Who knows what they and their motorcycle want and need more than the individual him/herself?

Get that special person a Gift Certificate!

They can also pick anything that is in stock from our online store, or from all the catalogs we carry: Arlen Ness, Midwest (including Ultima), Custom Chrome (including RevTech), V-Twin, Biker's Choice, Mid-USA, Kuryakyn and more.

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Bobster Convertible Goggles

Bobster Fuel Photochromic Goggles

Bobster Sunglasses


Check out our selection of Convertable Goggles and Sunglasses, and other eye protection.  Every biker needs this!  Convertable kits have interchangeable lenses, so you have the right eyewear no matter the riding conditions.  And they come with many extras, like carrying cases.

The goggles pictured on top also fit over glasses! 

SEE THEM ALL HERE - You'll love the Quality!

Storage rack for Tour Pack luggage.  Made in the U.S.A.

Storage rack for Tour Packs.

Keep it SAFE!

TOUR PACK STORAGE RACK - Kick Start Creative

Great for mechanics, crowded garages and indoor storage.  Made in the U.S.A.

Part#:M26775 - Kick Start Creative Tour Pack Storage Rack ... $99.95

Compact stand for Saddlebag storage and cleaning.

Keep them SAFE!

SADDLEBAG STAND - Kick Start Creative

The Saddlebag Stand is compact and easy to use. Simply open the stand and set the saddlebags in place. Requires no assembly or additional hardware. Wash and wax your saddlebags right on the stand. Made in the U.S.A.

Part#:M26776 - Black Powder Coated finish Saddlebag Stand ... $124.95

Mile Buster black wool blend motorcycle seat cusion with Impact Gel


cream wool blend motorcycle seat cusion with impact gel.

M27804Back side of seat cusion.

Cream wool blend seat cusion 20 long and 14.5 wide.


Cream wool blend motorcycle seat cusion saves you from BIKER BUTT!


Back side of medium mile buster seat cusion.

Mile Buster Cream wool blend seat cusion with impact gel is 20 inches long and 21 inches wide

Cream wool blend large Mile Buster seat cusion.

back side shown for mile buster impact gel seat cusion



Designed with the unique ability to relieve pressure points, eliminate vibration, redistribute weight, and enhance riding comfort.
Comprised of Impact Gel, memory foam, Tacky Tack and wool blend fabric.
Impact Gel is an all natural gel that provides exceptional energy absorption.
Incorporates a thick layer of memory foam that creates added cushion and comfort for the rider.
Memory foam is an open cell foam that responds to the weight and heat of your body and helps relieve pressure.
The bottom is made of Tacky Tack which prevents the pad from slipping, eliminating the need for straps.
A wool blend fabric covers the top. The soft resilient fabric aids in absorption of moisture to help keep your dry.

Part #: M27803 - Black wool blend seat cushion with Impact Gel
14 1/2" long x 12" wide (rear) x 6 1/2" wide (front) ... $75.75

Part #: M27804 - Natural wool blend seat cushion with Impact Gel
14 1/2" long x 12" wide (rear) x 6 1/2" wide (front) ... $75.74

Part #: M27805 - Black wool blend seat cushion with Impact Gel
13 1/2" long x 14 1/2" wide ... $94.68

Part #: M27806 - Cream wool blend seat cushion with Impact Gel
13 1/2" long x 14 1/2" wide ... $


Part #: M27807  - Black wool blend seat cushion with Impact Gel
20" long x 21" wide (rear) x 15" wide (front) ... $142.02

Part #: M27808 - Cream wool blend seat cushion with Impact Gel
20" long x 21" wide (rear) x 15" wide (front) ... $142.02

Part #: M27802 - Cream wool blend pillion pad cusion with Impact Gel - 10 1/4" long x 6" wide ...$49.99


Pillon Pad (p-pad) cusion with Impact Gel and soft wool blend covering.     back side of pillion pad seat cusion


More Seat Accessories - including removable pillion pads!



Gorilla 2 way paging system cycle alarm.  Keep your motorcycle safe!

Remote Alarm with Arming Key Fob

2 Way Pager option available






More Security Devices :

locks, chains, saddlebag locks

Gorilla Cycle Alarm for 12 Volt Motorcycles

Engineers have combined sophisticated micro electronics with reliability to make this alarm the most effective and easy to use alarm yet.
Stands up to all kinds of weather, vibration, engine heat and will not drain battery during extended storage periods.
Remote control key fob operates all of the time alarm's functions up to 100 feet away.
Loudest legal siren available (120 decibel piezo siren).
5 different selectable siren tones.
" Warn away" mode sounds a warning prior to full alarm activation.
Panic feature activates alarm up to 100 feet away.
Tilt sensor activates alarm when the motorcycle is moved off its jiffy stand.
Shock sensor activates the alarm and can be set to seven different impact levels or turned off.
Current drain sensor stops hot wiring by activating the alarm when there is a current drop in the electrical system.
Audible alarm status indicates that the alarm has been activated in your absence.
Over 500,000 possible code combinations.
100% waterproof case.
Remote LED warning light can be installed by drilling an 8mm hole through a panel.
Optional garage door opener interface lets you activate your garage door with the alarm's remote transmitter.
Easy to hide alarm measures 3" x 3 1/2" x 1 3/4".
Toll-free helpline to answer questions about installation or operation.
Includes installation instructions and Manufacturer's 2 year Warranty.

2 Way Pager Features:
Monitors your cycle's security up to 1/2 mile away.
Each function & feature is clearly displayed on the pager's LED screen.
Includes plug in antenna for easy installation.
Battery included.

Part#:M03140 - Deluxe Kit w/Remote Arming Key Fob & 2 Way Pager ... $206.19

Part#: M03138 - Kit w/Remote Arming Key Fob ... $122.76

Part#:M03139 - 2 Way Pager Only - used to upgrade Kit # M03138 or as a replacement for Kit # M03140 ... $167.56

Motorcycle shade cover.


Protects your motorcycle seat from sun damage, moisture, bird droppings and sap.
Adds years to the life of your seat, keeps it cool and looking good.
Put helmets out of sight and out of the sun.
Deters people and kids from sitting your bike.
Moisture resistant.
Rolls up small to fit in saddlebags and small compartments.
2 way stretchable material, 97% polyester, 3% spandex.
Measures approximately 50 1/2" at longest point by 33" at widest point.
Includes instructions.

Part#:MU03141 - Black cover fits most models ... $50.63

LED motorcycle skirt light rails.

Light rails measure 10" and have 24 LEDs per rail (48 LEDs total).
Adds safety by increasing visibility.
Expand your existing running and brake lights.
Can be mounted on smooth flat surfaces with two-sided tape or to round railings with zip ties.
Ideal for baggers and trikes.
All hardware and accessories included.

Part #: M14278 Cyron Safey Skirt Pair with Red LEDs ... $89.25

Stupid.com Self Stirring Mug

Gifts for motorcycle owners, riders, enthusiasts, et al.  Buy a great Birthday gift, Christmas present, Father's or Mother's day present,  Congratulations gift, or a "just because" surprise... you will make your favorite biker very happy.  Or make yourself happy and get something for YOU and YOUR bike!

Don't get stuck on the side of the road!


Roadside tool kit.

23 piece kit



Makes a great gift!



A great inexpensive gift for the biker (motorcycle enthusiast) in your life.

16 piece kit


23 Piece Kit:
These Econokits from CruzTools include the most commonly needed tools for roadside repair in a 23 piece kit with a roll-up type case. The kit measures 10" x 3" when rolled up. Feature pouches and elastic straps to hold the tools securely in place to prevent the tools from rattling. The case is made from a 600 denier polyester that is vinyl backed and double paneled for years of service.

Included in Case 23 Piece Kit:
Combination Wrenches 10mm, 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", & 9/16"
Adjustable Wrench 8" length (opens to 15/16")
Locking Pliers 6" length with coarse & fine teeth
Allen Wrenches 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 1/4" & 5/16"
Torx Wrenches T25, T27, & T40
Phillips Screwdrivers #1 & #2
Straight Screw Drivers 3/16" wide & 1/4" wide
Deep Well Nut Drivers 1/4" & 5/16"
Spark Plug Sockets 13/16" & 5/8"
Spark Plug gapper .020"/.100" & .6mm/2.4mm
Tire Pressure Gauge 5lbs/50 lbs
Electrical Tape 3/4" wide x 30' long
Wire Ties 5 pieces, 5 1/2" long
Mechanics Wire 3' long
Flashlight Adjustable beam with 2 AA batteries and spare bulb
Thread Locker Medium strength (blue)
Lubricant WD-40 (one time use)
Shop Towel - Measures 12" x 14"

23 Piece Kit with roll up Case - Part#:M07511 ... $79.95


16 Piece Kit: The 16 piece kit measures 8 3/8" long x 4" wide x 1 1/2" thick when zipped up, featuring pouches and elastic straps to hold the tools securely in place to prevent the tools from rattling and made from a 600 denier polyester that is vinyl backed and double paneled for years of servic.
Kit 16 Piece Kit:
Combination Wrenches: 10mm, 3/8", 7/16" & 1/2" & 9/16"
Allen Wrenches: 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 1/4" & 5/16"
Torx Wrenches T25, T27, & T40
Phillips Screwdrivers #1 & #2
Straight Screwdrivers 3/16" wide & 1/4" wide
Deep Well Nut Drivers 1/4" & 5/16"
Spark Plug Sockets 13/16" & 5/8"
Tire Pressure Gauge 5 lbs. / 50 lbs.
Wire Ties 5 pieces, 5 1/2" long
Mechanics Wire 3' long
Shop Towel - Measures 12" x 14"

Part#:M07512 - CruzTools 16 Piece Kit with zippered case ... $49.95

Motion Pro Pivot Head Wrench Set for easy motorcycle repair.

Heavy Duty folding canvas storage pouch with velcro closure holds pivot head wrench set compactly.

Motorcycle tools, pivot head wrench set from Motion Pro has 180 degree swivel and long handle.


180° swivel head with extra long handle for accessing hard to reach places.
Pivot design allows for easy rotation around obstructions.
Pivot design allows you to keep the wrench and fastener engaged when access is limited.
Great time saver.
Includes heavy duty folding canvas storage pouch with Velcro® closure.
Takes up less storage space than a typical hex key set.

Part #: M07520 Motion Pro Chrome Plated Pivot Head Torx Wrench Set (Torx)
Includes T-25, T-27, T-30, T-40, T-45 & T-50
Price... $85.70


More Tools

plus size valentines lingerie

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Build Your Own Motorcycle Chaps

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Motorcycle Eyewear

Mid-USA Motorcycle Parts Catalog

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The Most Useful Tool you can get! Mid-USA's "Just Hard Parts" catalog.

More tools, and every kind of part you need to build, customize or repair your motorcycle. Catalog includes handy exploded diagrams and Harley Davidson® cross reference charts.

Part #M30013 - Print Catalog & price list ... FREE with just $8.95 shipping in continental U.S.(Flat rate shipping does not apply to this item.)

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