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Engine Section



Panhead, Shovelhead

Big Twin Evo

Twin Cam 88

Twin Cam 96

Keith Black Performance pistons.


Forged 4032 alloy is an 11% silicon alloy that is formed in a forging press then fully machined.
This process offers you the strongest piston available for your engine.
The forged pistons are suited for street or race and are economically priced.
All pistons come with offset wrist pin holes to help keep your engine running quieter.
Sold in sets with rings, pins and spiral locks.
KB Performance Pistons.

Fitment Description Bore Part # Price Add to Cart
Fits Sportster 1986/2008, 883 to 1200 Conversion 74ci - 1200cc - 3.498"
9.5:1 Compression
Moly Coated Skirts
Standard 62483 $255.33
+.005" 62484
+.010" 62485
Pahead, Shovelhead Big Bore

88ci - 98ci - 3.625"
9.5:1 Compression
(4.25" - 4.75" stroke)


Standard 62486 $226.02
+.005" 62487
+.010" 62488
Big Twin Evolution 1984/1999
80ci - 1340cc - 3.498"
9.5:1 Compression
Standard 62489 $255.33
+.005" 62490
+.010" 62491
Twin Cam 88 1999/2006 Big Bore to 95ci 95ci - 3.875"
9.25:1 Compression
Moly Coated Skirts
Standard 62492 $274.86
+.005" 62493
+.010" 62494
Twin Cam 96 2007/Later Big Bore to 103ci 103ci - 3.875"
9.5:1 Compression
Moly Coated Skirts
Standard 62495 $274.86
+.005" 62496
+.010" 62497








All Wiseco pistons are forged from hi-silicon aluminum alloy for superior strength and dependability. The unique piston shape allows tight piston to wall clearances for quieter operation. This shape combined with a top quality ring package and computerized machined anti-detonation grooves offers you the most technically advanced piston kits available. Wiseco pistons are available with Hastings X Style piston rings. All piston kits listed are designed to be used with stock stroke flywheels only. Most Wiseco pistons are machined with valve pockets that are deeper and larger than stock. These pockets provide adequate valve clearance for most high lift cams, but as with any high performance upgrade all clearances must be checked. All 883cc to 1200cc overbore and 84ci Big Bore kits do not require cylinder head modification or flywheel rebalancing unless deemed necessary by the service technician. The 84ci Big Bore kits require Big Bore cylinders and crankcases must be bored to accept the larger cylinders.

Piston Kit Fitment Bore Part # Price Add to Cart
Ironhead Sportster 1972/Later 1000cc, 10:1 compression, 3.188" standard bore. Standard 62126 $245.72
+.010" 62127 $245.72
+.020" 62128 $245.72
+.030" 62129 $245.72
+.040" 62130 $245.72
Sportster Evolution 1986/Later. 883cc & 1100cc overbore to 1200cc reverse dome, 9.5:1 compression, 3.497" standard bore. Standard 62249 $291.22
+.010" 62250 $291.22
Sportster Evolution 1986/Later. 883cc & 1100cc overbore to 1200cc reverse dome, 10:1 compression, 3.497" standard bore. Standard 62457 $291.22
+.010" 62458 $291.22
Evolution Sportster 1988/2003. 1200cc domed 10:5.1 compression. 3.497" standard bore Standard 62460 $291.20
+.010" 62461 $291.20




Engine Section

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