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Motorcycle Seat Accessories

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Removable Pillion Pads, Custom Use Pillion Pads, Fender Bibs, Seat Pans, etc. 

Seat Shocks Below


The Butty Buddy motorcycle seat provides passengers on-demand comfort when riding on bikes with small pillions or bare fenders.
Our portable 3 piece seat comes with its own tote and snaps together in seconds.
Provides correct shape and width necessary for enjoying those long rode trips.
Butty Buddy's ergonomic shape minimizes pressure at the tail bone.
13 1/2 inches wide.
Waterproof and weatherproof.

Part #: M27720 -
Butty Buddy Over Seat style Seat with mounting hardware & positioning stops ... $110.55

Part #: M27721 - Butty Buddy Bare Fender style Seat with large suction cups ... $110.55

Mustang Studded Rear Fender Bib for Big Twin HD motorcycles.

Smooth Rear Fender Bib from Mustang.  Quality Motorcycle seats for less!

Rear Fender Bib shown on motorcycle.


Go solo and leave that pillion pad off. For that low sleek look install one of these Fender Bibs instead. They are designed to add style to your bike while protecting the paint or covering existing scratches.

Synthetic leather for weather resistance and durable long life.
Contoured shape with braided edge trim to fit fender without gaps.
Uses quick mount Velcro on front of bib and stock seat mount on rear of bib.

Part #: M27337 - Mustang Naugahyde Studded Fender Bib, 14" x 6"
Fits FX, FXR, Softail & Dyna ... $37.80

Part #: M27334 - Mustang Naugahyde Plain Fender Bib, 14" x 5-1/2"
Fits FX, FXR, Softail & Dyna ... $35.00

Mile Buster black wool blend motorcycle seat cusion with Impact Gel


cream wool blend motorcycle seat cusion with impact gel.

M27804Back side of seat cusion.

Cream wool blend seat cusion 20 long and 14.5 wide.


Cream wool blend motorcycle seat cusion saves you from BIKER BUTT!


Back side of medium mile buster seat cusion.

Mile Buster Cream wool blend seat cusion with impact gel is 20 inches long and 21 inches wide

Cream wool blend large Mile Buster seat cusion.

back side shown for mile buster impact gel seat cusion





Designed with the unique ability to relieve pressure points, eliminate vibration, redistribute weight, and enhance riding comfort.
Comprised of Impact Gel, memory foam, Tacky Tack and wool blend fabric.
Impact Gel is an all natural gel that provides exceptional energy absorption.
Incorporates a thick layer of memory foam that creates added cushion and comfort for the rider.
Memory foam is an open cell foam that responds to the weight and heat of your body and helps relieve pressure.
The bottom is made of Tacky Tack which prevents the pad from slipping, eliminating the need for straps.
A wool blend fabric covers the top. The soft resilient fabric aids in absorption of moisture to help keep your dry.

Part #: M27803 - Black wool blend seat cushion with Impact Gel
14 1/2" long x 12" wide (rear) x 6 1/2" wide (front) ... $75.75

Part #: M27804 - Natural wool blend seat cushion with Impact Gel
14 1/2" long x 12" wide (rear) x 6 1/2" wide (front) ... $75.74

Part #: M27805 - Black wool blend seat cushion with Impact Gel
13 1/2" long x 14 1/2" wide ... $94.68

Part #: M27806 - Cream wool blend seat cushion with Impact Gel
13 1/2" long x 14 1/2" wide ... $


Part #: M27807  - Black wool blend seat cushion with Impact Gel
20" long x 21" wide (rear) x 15" wide (front) ... $142.02

Part #: M27808 - Cream wool blend seat cushion with Impact Gel
20" long x 21" wide (rear) x 15" wide (front) ... $142.02

Part #: M27802 - Cream wool blend pillion pad cusion with Impact Gel - 10 1/4" long x 6" wide ...$49.99
Pillon Pad (p-pad) cusion with Impact Gel and soft wool blend covering.      back side of pillion pad seat cusion

Air Ride Solo Seat mounting kit from tc bros choppers for a more comfortable ride.

Dual Bladder Air Ride mount kit for motorcycle solo seats.


Air Ride solo seat mount installed on bobber.

Air Ride Solo Seat Mounting Kits for Custom Use - TC Bros Choppers

This kit provides the ultimate in comfort, vibraton dampening, and adjustability for your solo seat.  Made in the U.S.A.  Available in Single or Dual Bladder.

Part #: M27935 - Single Bladder Air Ride Mount Kit ... $109.99

Part #: M27936 - Dual Bladder Air Ride Mount Kit ... $179.99

Mini Shock for solo seats.

Eliminate the sore butt syndrome while adding comfort and cool retro styling with this solo seat mini shock.
Black spring and billet aluminum body.
Designed specifically for solo seats.
300 lbs per inch spring rate.
Adjustable spring pre-load.

Part#:M27922 - Billet Aluminum 4" Shock ... $35.00

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