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 Kat's Sportster Trike

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Kat's Trike - a long time coming.

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A long time coming & a labor of love.


This is the true story of how this Sportster

See Details of this Sportster Here

got a really, really big rear fender.

A long, long time ago, I had a trike. My wonderful husband Larry built a VW-based trike for me. He even let me help. We were poor, so we used old bed frames and cut them up for the angle iron to build the frame. I have a bad back, and used this to ride comfortably back and forth to the chiropractor's office. Sadly, when the military decided we should move to Alaska, we had to sell the trike. Larry promised me I'd get a new one some day.

Years and years went by. We were still poor, but managed to keep at least one motorcycle in the family most of the time. But I don't care for the back seat, I like to ride my own. I had a few motorcycles, but was never that thrilled with them. I am a TRIKER. If I have to explain, you wouldn't understand, as they say.

After Larry got out of the military (U.S. Coast Guard Retired) we fiddled around a bit and eventually started our own motorcycle business (you can find us here). Still, we couldn't quite get a trike together. We kept our eye out for the right "donor" bike. Meanwhile, Larry's old Sportster started to go through some changes. He extended the swingarm and added a wide tire, raked out the front end and other stuff, and ended up with the bike above. I loved it.

When Larry started thinking about building himself another bike, I talked him into buying himself a new rubbermount Sportster instead. Crafty woman, I am. Here is his new pride and joy:

2005 1200cc Sportster & one happy guy.

Once he had that in his possession, the old bike was up for grabs. And grab I did.

I thought the modified Sporty would make a great trike. So Larry went online and bought an old, rusty servicar axle off of Ebay. Then he called a friend with a shop in Alaska, who specializes in the old sericars (Thanks Ron Harvey!) and found me a servicar box.


This was my Christmas present, and I thought it was BEAUTIFUL.


The old servicar box needed a little work.

needs work

The fenders had been cut off rather short, and you could see out the side of the box.

how do you keep the stuff inside?

There was even an 'escape hatch' out the bottom of the box!



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