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How to repair and maintain American V-Twin motorcycles book by Sara Liberte.

How to Repair and Maintain American V-Twin Motorcycles - Sara Liberte

For men and women who have the will to service their own bikes but lack only the know-how, this book has it all: basic, easy-to-use information about repairing and maintaining pushrod V-Twin motorcycles from someone who really knows the nuts and bolts.

Sara Liberte begins with the fundamentals—from wheel size and tire pressure to knowing your shop manual and the tools you’ll need—then moves on to the basics of maintenance. Changing oil and other fluids, replacing gaskets, gauging normal wear and tear, inspecting chains and belts and adjusting tension: these are just a few of the topics Liberte covers in complete and clear detail.

She also discusses the charging system, battery charging, terminal maintenance, and simple wiring techniques. A troubleshooting section is included and covers issues you may have whether on the road or at the shop.

[HTRAMC] - Paperback, 160 pages, 10.6 x 8.4 inches ... $25.95 plus $5.00 shipping.

How to Build a CHEAP Chopper. Build a bike on a strict budget. NEW BOOK!

How To Build a Cheap Chopper - Timothy Remus

Choppers don’t have to cost thirty thousand dollars. In fact, a chopper built at home can be had for as little as five thousand dollars. The key is the use of a donor bike for most of the components. How to Build a Cheap Chopper documents the construction of four inexpensive choppers with complete start-to-finish photo sequences.

Least expensive is the metric chopper, based on a 1970s vintage Japanese four-cylinder engine and transmission installed in an hardtail frame. Don’t look for billet accessories or a fancy candy paint job on this one.
Next up, price wise, are two bikes built using Buell/Sportster drivetrains – one from Redneck Engineering and one from Motorcycle Works. The fact is, a complete used Buell or Sportster can be had for five thousand or less. Now you’ve got more than an engine – you have wheels and tires, brakes, hardware, lights, harness, and some sheet metal. Bolt all that stuff to a simple hardtail frame to create an almost-instant chopper.
Most lavish, but still cheap by comparison with many of the bikes built today, is a big twin chopper built in the shop of Dave Perewitz from carefully chosen aftermarket parts. A RevTech engine and five-speed tranny set in a Rolling Thunder frame. Accessorize from the swap meet and add a simple one-color paint job to create a bike no one needs to be ashamed of.

This brand new 144 page book from Wolfgang Publications uses over 400 full-color images to illustrate the start-to-finish construction of these four bikes. Build your own cheap chopper with the help of this new book.#B1929133170 - Price: $24.95 plus $5.00 shipping.

Ultimate V-Twin Motorcycle Chassis. Build from the frame up.


The Ultimate V-Twin Motorcycle Chassis - Timothy Remus

From the Publisher:
Before choosing sheet metal or suspension components, a motorcycle builder must first make critical frame decisions. Whether the rider opts for hard-tail, soft-tail, or twin shock, the choice affects the bike's cost, appearance, and use.
In his third and final book on building V-twin motorcycles, author Tim Remus discusses the pros and cons of various frame designs, the right frame for the reader's use and budget, and the best equipment for the type of frame chosen. Photos illustrate the latest offerings from the aftermarket and how builders are using and equipping the latest frame designs.

Chapters address topics such as frame design and construction material, triple trees and fork tubes, shock absorbers, brake components, wheels and tires, and motorcycle electronics. Hands-on sections teach the reader about drive-train alignment, squaring the frame, and going from a bare frame to a rolling chassis with an installed engine.

From back cover:

The foundation of any custom or scratch-built motorcycle is the frame. The length, the look and the handling are all determined by the chassis. In ten chapters author Timothy Remus presents an overview of frame dimension & design, a buyer's guide of the most popular frames on the market, and the analysis of the best forks, shocks, brakes, wheels & tires.

Shops tours take the reader into the shop of Arlen Ness and MC Specialties where frames are fabricated and then assembled. Side-bars cover the pros and cons of mild steel vs. chrome-moly, the nuts & bolts of motorcycle assembly, speedometers (electric or mechanical), powder-coating and drive-line ratios. Part Buyer's Guide and part Assembly Manual, this book is filled with info useful and necessary to anyone planning to build a V-twin motorcycle from scratch.

Note: this is not a book about building your own frame from scratch. It is rather a guide intended to help you buy the best frame for your particular application. If you are a die-hard motorhead, this may not be for you. This is good for anyone trying to learn as much as they can about their motorcycle and how to build one.

Published by Wolfgang Publications Inc. Softbound. 144 pages. 250+ photos and illustrations. #B0964135876 - Price: $22.95 plus $5.00 shipping.

Motorcycle Fuel Injection Handbook by Adam Wade

Motorcycle Fuel Injection Handbook - by Adam Wade

In the mid-1990s, fuel injection was available on only a handful of exotic, high-buck European motorcycles. Today it is the predominant motorcycle technology. Despite its prevalence, very few motorcyclists understand fuel injection. Motorcycle Fuel Injection Handbook dissects its mysteries, thoroughly explaining the technology from its origins through its subsequent development and examines ways to modify the technology for optimum performance. Systems from all the major manufacturers are included as are after-market products. Motorcycle Fuel Injection Handbook discusses remapping tips, racing bike systems, and future development. It is the ultimate resource for those who want to master the most important motorcycle technology of our time.

Igniton, Sensors, and ECUs.  Original Equipment and Aftermarket Systems.  Fuel Injection Theories and Application. Softcover.

#DS4201-0012 ... Price: $25.95 plus $5.00 shipping.

101 Harley-Davidson Evoluttion Performance Projects - do it yourself for evo owners.

101 Harley-Davidson Evolution Performance Projects - Kip Woodring

Keep a veteran mechanic at hand with this updated version of the best-selling manual for Harley-Davidson owners who want to hop up their machines. Created with the weekend mechanic in mind, this comprehensive, illustrated guide clearly and concisely outlines 101 projects that will improve the power, handling, and ride of Evolution-engined Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Drawing on years of hopping up and living with Evo-engined Big Twins and Sportsters, author and Harley-Davidson technician Kip Woodring provides step-by-step instructions for projects ranging from the basics of simple maintenance to the finer points of altering gearing, upgrading ignition, and making the changes that make a bike unique. The new edition is an extensive updating of the original book, with lots of new parts and technology.

Updated version of the best-selling manual for Harley-Davidson owners who want to hop up their machines
Created with the weekend mechanic in mind, this comprehensive, illustrated guide clearly and concisely outlines 101 projects that will improve the power, handling, and ride of Evolution-engined Harley-Davidson motorcycles

Softbound; 256 pages, Measures 8 1/4” x 10 5/8” #DS4201-0152 ... $34.95 plus plus $5.00 shipping.

101 Harley-Davidson Twin Cam Peformance Projects. For Harley Davidson Twin Cam.

101 Harley-Davidson Twin Cam Performance Projects by Mark Zimmerman & Chris Maida

The Twin Cam engine is used in many of the most popular Harleys on the road today. Respected author and motorcycle journalist Mark Zimmerman and American Iron editor Chris Maida present 101 projects a Twin Cam owner can undertake to customize the power, performance, and styling of their engine. They cover regular maintenance and cosmetics as well as more complex performance projects. Color photographs illustrate each project in step-by-step fashion.

Sftbd., 8-1/4 x 10-5/8 in., 256 pp., b/w/c illus. - #BHTCPP ... $34.95 plus $5.00 shipping.

How to Customize your Harley Davidson. Make that motorcycle all YOURS!

Make your kit or factory bike CUSTOM!


How to Customize your Harley Davidson by Timothy Remus

All the Tips & Techniques needed to transform your stock Bagger, Softail, Dyna or Sportster into a rolling two-wheeled expression of your personal tastes.
This hands-on guide to personalizing your Milwaukee iron contains chapters dealing with major subassemblies such as suspension and brakes, as well as painting, finishing, bolt-ons, planning and more. Photo sequences show hot to perform the work, including frame molding and wide-drive kits.

Ten chapters cover everything from planning and design to custom paint and sheet metal. In between you will find information on suspension and brakes, wheels and tires, engine hop up, complete aftermarket V-Twin engines and bolt-on customizing ideas.

A new top-end for a Sportster, construction of a complete custom at the shop of Donnie Smith, and the transformation of an old Bagger into a new Road King are just a few of the topics covered in this book. You'll also find interviews with mechanics, fabricators and drag racers take you into their shops so you can learn what they like to see in the bikes they customize and hop up.
Learn How To:
• Build a chain guard from scratch
• Weld sheet metal
• Understand Nuts and Bolts

Softbound, 160 pages, over 200 photos, more than 50% in color!
#B1760303592 - Price: $24.95 plus $5.00 shipping.


Harley Davidson Sportster Performance Handbook. Get the most out of your Sporty!

Harley Davidson Sportster Performance Handbook - by Buzz Buzzelli

From Bolting on a carb to building a 100-cubic-inch monster, Harley-Davidson Sportster Performance Handbook is your ticket to a faster, better handling Ironhead or Evolution Sportster. Detailed text and nearly 300 photos and diagrams offer expert advice on building a reliable, higher horsepower engine; installing strokers, big-bore cylinders, and turbo or nitrous oxide systems; modifying Ironheads; matching gearboxes and drivetrains to your riding style and engine; tuning the chassis and suspension to improve overall handling, ride, and braking; and improving Sportster-powered Buells. As an added bonus, the book includes the history of the Sportster from its inception in 1957 to the present.
Harley-Davidson Sportster Performance Handbook is a must for racing-minded riders. Get the inside line on how to get started bracket or road racing, classes and rules, and extensive pre-race advice with everything from passing the tech inspection to taking a new rider's course.

A lifelong Sportster enthusiast author Buzz Buzzelli brings to this book many years of experience gained as editor of American Rider magazine, a former Harley-Davidson public relations manager, and a former privateer road racer and mechanic.

First Published 1997. Softbound, 256 pages, detailed text and nearly 300 photos and diagrams. #B076030307X - NEW EDITION Price: $24.95 plus $5.00 shipping.

Ultimate Sheet Metal Fabrication - softcover book


Ultimate Sheet Metal Fabrication: Build from Scratch with Aluminum and Steel - by Timothy Remus

This book covers laying out a project, stretching and shrinking metal, building simple tooling, using the English wheel, welding steel and aluminum, choosing the right materials, hammer forming, power hammering, and much more. If you already have Harley-Davidson Sheet Metal Fabrication, this book will extend your knowledge further with additional information and techniques.

Sftbd. 8-1/2 x 11 in. 143 pp. 250 b/w illus.#DC2SMF2 - Price: $19.95 plus $5.00 shipping.


Advanced Sheet Metal Fabrication.

Advanced Sheet Metal Fabrication Techniques

Advanced Sheet Metal Fabrication Techniques, is a photo-intensive how-to book. See Craig Naff build a Rolls Royce fender, Rob Roehl create a motorcycle gas tank, Ron Covell form part of a quarter midget body, and Fay Butler shape a aircraft wheel fairing and the front section for an old Lotus race car. Methods and tools include the English wheel, power hammer, shrinkers and stretchers, and of course the hammer and dolly.
The projects presented in this book involve multiple panels - each of which must be designed, cut, shaped and then joined to the others to create the finished fender or gas tank. Photo sequences cover building the buck, creating a paper template, cutting the steel or aluminum, forming the piece, welding and finishing.

* Sequences in aluminum and steel
* Multi-piece projects
* Seven start-to-finish sequences
* From building the buck to TIG welding the panels
* Includes interviews with the metal shapers
* Automotive, motorcycle and aircraft projects

#BDC2-ASMF -144 pages, over 250 photos (60% color), Book Price: $24.95 plus $5.00 shipping.

Advanced Custom Painting Techniques.

Advanced Custom Painting Techniques

When it comes to custom painting, there is one name better known than all the others, and that name is Jon Kosmoski. With this book Jon uses over 350 color photos to illustrate his explanations of panel preparation, gun control, kandy application, use of color-change materials, new metallic basecoats, and how to design and tapeout multi-level layouts. Whether the project in your shop rides on two wheels or four, whether you’re trying to do a simple kandy job or complex graphics, this how-to book from Jon Kosmoski is sure to answer your questions. Chapters one through three cover Shop Equipment, Gun Control and Paint Materials. Chapters four through seven get to the heart of the matter with complete start-to-finish painting sequences. Follow along as Jon does a kandy paint job on a Mustang, a panel design on a Camaro, a double set of flames on a Dyna, and a super-bright layout on a Sportster.

o Set up a spray gun
o Choose the right tools
o Get the panels truly flat
o Spray Kandies and Pearls
o Use Color-change Pigments
o Lay Out Graphics and Flames
o Shop set up
o Use of new paint materials
o 4 start-to-finish sequences

Printed in color, 144 pages - book ##B1929133146 Price: $24.95 plus $5.00 shipping.

How to Paint Flames.

How to Paint Flames by Bruce Caldwell

Custom paint jobs are more popular than ever, and no form of custom painting is “hotter” than the flame job. This book explains in detail how to design the best-looking flames for a particular vehicle, how to transfer that design to the prepared surface, and how to apply the paint and pinstriping. With 300 color photographs to guide you, the process of painting the flames is broken into major segments so you can go as far as your skills and confidence level will allow. This book will help you get a paint job you’ve always dreamed of—at a fraction of the price!

Sftbd. 8-1/4 x 10-5/8 in. 160 pp. color illus. #B05HTPFL Price: $21.95 plus $5.00 shipping.

How to Paint your motorcycle. Start with the basics!

How to Paint Your Motorcycle by JoAnn Bortles

JoAnn Bortles, a leading painter of premium custom choppers, shares her vast knowledge with enthusiasts so they can undertake their own motorcycle painting projects. The most detailed how-to-paint book yet for motorcyclists, this book instructs readers on the use of the latest and greatest paints and painting equipment.

Bortles covers everything from basic prep work to advanced finishing techniques. The techniques and processes can be used on any type of motorcycle from a production road bike to a custom chopper with extravagant bodywork. Among the topics covered are bodywork preparation, paint selection and preparation, a variety of painting techniques, and post-application follow-up techniques to put the best finish on a great paint job.

Sftbd. 8-1/4 x 10-5/8 in. 160 pp. color illus. Part #B53-HTPMC ... $24.95 plus $5.00 shipping.

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