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What is a "bike kit" (or "display bike"), exactly?

Bike kits are not really a "kit", as in "car kits".  They do not come ready to assemble with instructions.  What they are is all the parts you need to build a motorcycle.  These parts have been fitted in a R&D (research and development) department to make sure they all work together, saving you lots of work and frustration.  They also come with all the hardware you need, saving you from buying large amounts of items you do not need.  The parts are priced much better, saving you thousands of dollars (really!) over piecing a bike together.

You will need to do a mock-up, and there will usually be some welding, grinding and drilling necessary.  DO NOT POWDER COAT YOUR FRAME BEFORE DOING A MOCK-UP!

We will supply a H-D manual and the book "How to Build a Kit Bike".  If you choose to go about building the kit without reading the supplied material, we will not be responsible if you find you have to ruin a paint job or powdercoat job because you did not do your work in proper order. 

These kits are "special construction" and not D.O.T., T.U.V. (or any other agency) approved.  So be sure to check with your local DMV about any laws pertaining to building motorcycles in your state.

How complete are the "complete bike kits"?

Ultima kits will need: paint, oils, fuel, speedo, turn signals horn & mirrors.  (Some now offer some of these items.  Check each kit for what it offers.) We offer a safety package which will supply these items (click on "options & upgrades" link off of bike kit page) and we supply a free HD manual. We will also supply you with a catalog.

When I build my bike kit, how do I get it registered?

Your first stop should be your Dept. of Motor Vehicles for your state. Most states have a package with forms and requirements for a special construction vehicle. (Be sure to get the package and not just take the word of a Motor Vehicle employee; many are not familiar with motorcycle regulations. Some people have been given bad information.)

What you will receive from us is a bill of sale for the kit listing the parts that come with it. You will also receive three MSO's (Manufacturer's Statement of Origin), one for each serial numbered item (engine, transmission & frame). All documents will be originals and will be notarized. MSO's take approx. 30 days to be sent after kit is shipped.

The most common scenario is: Build the bike. Take it to your state's Inspection Authority (usually the State Police). They will inspect your documents and your vehicle to be sure it is built to your states standards and that no parts are stolen. Then take your documents to DMV and get an assigned title.

Will I have trouble insuring my bike kit, once assembled?

No, you shouldn't. If your insurance company hesitates to insure a special construction, contact Foremost Insurance. They have insured assembled bike kits. Also McGraw Insurance Services insures special constructions with no restrictions. Helpful hint: Don't mention the word "kit", it only confuses the insurance companies. Your bike will be a "special construction", so use that term. All non-factory bikes (or modified factory bikes) are considered "special construction".

Can I get a substitution on the bike kits?

Only as listed on the bike kit pages.

What about the EPA regulations on bike building?

The EPA has recently admitted that it has no jurisdiction over individuals.  They can only regulate businesses.  As usual, you should always check with your local motor vehicle regulations before starting a build, but the EPA regulations will not effect you.  THEY CANNOT STOP YOU FROM SELLING YOUR BIKE, or regulate how many you build. 

How do I pay for the bike kit?

We accept wire transfers for bike kits.  This is the fastest way to get your kit.  Send us a fax number (you can use your bank's if you do not have access to a fax machine), and we will send you the transfer information.

If you choose to pay by check, it will take about 2 weeks to clear.  We will not ship the kit until the check clears. 

Sorry, but we cannot accept credit cards for purchases over $5,000.00.

Why is it called a "display bike"?

The manufacturers started calling these "display bikes" because "bike kit" seemed slightly confusing. It's also a legal thing (you know, all that mumbo-jumbo that companies have to use to protect themselves).  Frankly, we call it a bike kit so it will come up in online searches.  Unassembled motorcycle is the most accurate description.



OUTSIDE THE U.S.? - To get parts and bike kits you can actually register in your country, you can look for European dealers with TUV approved products here:

*FREE SHIPPING APPLIES IN CONTINTENTAL 48 UNITED STATES ONLY. AK, HI and APO/FPO will have additional shipping fees. We ship only within the U.S.A. and to APO/FPO (military addresses; weight and size restrictions apply.). We do not accept foreign credit cards. Sorry, we do not ship to Puerto Rico.

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Steel Thunder Custom Cycles

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